Image Body Location/region Diameter
Mercury (2) Mercury Inner planets 4,880 km
Venus (2) Venus Inner planets 12,104 km
Earth big Earth Inner planets 12,756 km
Mars (2) Mars Inner planets 6,794 km
Ceres Ceres

Asteroid belt

974 km
Jupiter (2) Jupiter Outer planets 142,984 km
Saturn (2) Saturn Outer planets 120,536 km
Uranus (2) Uranus Outer planets 51,118 km
Neptune Neptune Outer planets 49,532 km
Pluto Pluto Kuiper belt 2,374 km
Haumea (2) Haumea Kuiper belt
Makemake (2) Makemake Kuiper belt
Eris (2) Eris Kuiper belt

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