Summary Edit


Orbit of Mercury - Polar view. Generated by a program written by Eurocommuter.

Graph Edit

  • Orbits
    • Mercury in yellow
    • For reference a circular orbit with the same semi-major axis in grey
  • The orbit plotted in brighter colours above the ecliptic and darker below.
  • Major axis drawn showing perihelion (q) and aphelion (Q)
  • Mercury
    • Positions show avery 5 days before and after the perihelion on May 20, 2006
    • For illustration the size of the sphere is inversley proportional to the distance from the Sun.
  • Orientation
    • The Sun in the centre.
    • Yellow segment points toward the vernal point.
    • View from the above the ecliptic (North Pole)

Data Source Edit

  • For planets: Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Keplerian Elements for Approximate Positions of the Major Planets [1]

Licensing Edit

This file was uploaded by the photographer or author.

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