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This image is a derivative work of the following images:

  • File:Terrestrial_planet_size_comparisons.jpg licensed with PD-USGov-NASA
    • 2007-12-27T23:50:06Z Crotalus horridus 1500x653 (466487 Bytes) Created identical and more compact version using the "Huffman optimized" feature of jpegcrop. Nothing else has been changed.
    • 2006-06-14T23:27:21Z Nicke L 1500x653 (499869 Bytes) {{Information| |Description= The inner planets, from left to right: [[:en:Mercury]], [[:en:Venus]], [[:en:Earth]], and [[:en:Mars]] Source: |Source= |Date= |Autho

Template:Uploaded with derivativeFX

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