An eccentric Jupiter is a Jovian planet that orbits its star in an eccentric orbit.[1] Eccentric Jupiters may disqualify a planetary system from having Earth-like planets in it because a massive gas giant with an eccentric orbit may remove all Earth mass planets from the habitable zone.

To date, it appears that approximately 7% of all stars (half of the known planetary systems) have an eccentric Jupiter (e > 0.1), making these planets more common than Hot Jupiters.Template:Citation needed

Out of the more than 200 extrasolar planet discoveries (as of 2006), 15 planets have high eccentricities (e > 0.6).[2]

The typical exoplanet with an orbital period greater than 5 days has a median eccentricity of 0.23.[3]

Possible habitable zone planets near eccentric Jupiters:[2]

Planet SMA ecc MJ Notes
HD 3651 b 0.29 0.61 0.22 Might allow for planets at or beyond 0.6 AU
HD 37605 b 0.26 0.73 2.84 Might allow for planets at or beyond 0.8 AU
HD 45350 b 1.92 0.77 1.79 Restricted stable orbits to the innermost 0.2 AU
HD 80606 b 0.45 0.93 4.0 Only beyond 1.75 AU did test particles remain
HD 20782 b 1.381 0.97 2.620
HD 89744 b 0.93 0.67 8.58 No terrestrial planets in the habitable zone
16 Cygni Bb 1.68 0.68 1.68 No terrestrial planets in the habitable zone

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