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Size comparison of COROT-5b with Jupiter.
Parent star

<tr> <td colspan="2">Constellation</td> <td>Monoceros</td></tr><tr> <td>Right ascension</td> <td style="text-align: center">(α)</td> <td>06h 45m 07s[1]</td></tr><tr> <td>Declination</td> <td style="text-align: center">(δ)</td> <td>+00° 48′ 55″[1]</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">Distance</td><td>1304 ly
pc)</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">Spectral type</td> <td>F9V[2]</td></tr>

Orbital elements

<tr><td>Semimajor axis</td><td style="text-align: center">(a)</td> <td>0.0495 AU AU</td></tr><tr> <td>Eccentricity</td> <td style="text-align: center">(e)</td> <td>0.09</td></tr><tr><td>Orbital period</td><td style="text-align: center">(P)</td> <td>4.0384[2] d</td></tr>

Physical characteristics

<tr><td>Mass</td><td style="text-align: center">(m)</td><td>0.459[2] MJ</td></tr><tr><td>Radius</td><td style="text-align: center">(r)</td><td>1.28[2] Template:Jupiter radius</td></tr>

Discovery information

<tr> <td colspan="2">Discovery date</td> <td>2008</td></tr><tr> <td colspan="2">Discoverer(s)</td> <td>COROT mission</td></tr><tr> <td colspan="2">Discovery method</td> <td>Transit method</td></tr><tr> <td colspan="2">Discovery site</td> <td>Earth orbit</td></tr><tr> <td colspan="2">Discovery status</td> <td>Confirmed</td></tr>

Other designations

<tr style="background-color: #A0B0FF;"><td align=center colspan=3>Database references</td></tr><tr valign=baseline><td colspan=2>Extrasolar Planets
</td><td>data</td></tr><tr><td colspan=2>SIMBAD</td><td>data</td></tr>

COROT-5b (previously named COROT-Exo-5b)[3] is an extrasolar planet orbiting the unidentified star COROT-5. It was first reported by the COROT mission team in 2008.[4] This planet has been confirmed by a Doppler follow-up study.[5]

Properties and locationEdit

This planetary object is reported to be about half the mass but slightly larger than the planet Jupiter.[2]

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Coordinates: Sky map 06h 45m 07s, +00° 48′ 55″

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